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At Bankruptcy Relief Now, we understand that making the decision to file bankruptcy is a difficult decision to make.  Since 2008, more than 1 million people have filed bankruptcy each year. 

Most folks put off the process because they believe it is complicated, scary, expensive and will ruin your credit.    This is not true.  

At Bankruptcy Relief Now, we are dedicated to keeping the process easy and affordable for you.  After gathering some information from you, we will prepare all of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy documents required by the bankruptcy court for you at an affordable price of only $495.      

As far as your credit is concerned, in most cases your credit will improve upon your final discharge!  
Stop creditor phone calls, postpone a foreclosure sale, garnishments and collections!  Once your documents are filed with the court, the automatic stay goes into effect, stopping creditors and debt collectors from contacting you or taking any further legal action against you!
 Service Provided

We will prepare all of the documents, schedules, and Means test calculations for your Chapter 7 bankruptcy so that all you do is sign your name and mail the package to the bankruptcy court. 
All of our documents comply with the new bankruptcy laws and is everything you will need to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

 What happens next?
After delivering your documents with the bankruptcy court, the court clerk will notify your creditors by mail and then set a date for the "Meeting of Creditors" which is usually 30 days later. At this meeting, you will meet with your assigned Trustee and answer a couple of questions. Typically 60 days after this meeting, you receive your final discharge of debts.

That's about it. Now you may begin rebuilding your credit and your life again and even apply for car and home loans.
If that sounds like the kind of breathing room you need, just call us today at  (866) 411-9010  or  (954) 614-0713 or use the "Contact Us" form found on the Online Services/Contact Us page.


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